ProKabaddi Season 6 & 7 Announced

ProKabaddi have officially announced the start dates for season 6 and season 7. The next season will start on 19th October 2018 with the following season beginning on 19th July 2019.

Why is Season 6 so late?

The reason why ProKabaddi Season 6 will start much later is because of the Asian games taking place 18th August until 2nd September meaning international teams will be focusing on this tournament. With this in mind the ProKabaddi league officials have decided to start the season 6 weeks after the Asian games allowing players to rest and recuperate whilst others begin their preseason training.

They could’ve had season 6 before the Asian games however this would then mean that the season would have to start before the Indian Premier League (cricket) ended. And there is also the matter of the football world cup taking place in June/July meaning a diminished viewership for ProKabaddi. No doubt the influence of TV scheduling and sponsors played their part in deciding to delay the season until October.

Other news

ProKabaddi have not yet released any further details, but I believe there will be the same number of teams playing and the format will remain largely unchanged which could mean another 13 weeks of ProKabaddi action, much to the delight of Kabaddi fans. We may see new players in the new season with younger players impressing in the recent National Kabaddi Championship in India. And with the Asian games coming up overseas players will want to impress in that tournament to be considered for the auction. We saw more foreigners last season thanks to the rule of having to take 2 players from overseas and the Kabaddi World Cup in 2016.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next season and although there is still 10 months to go there is plenty of other sport to be enjoying in the meantime!