National Kabaddi League (NKL)

National Kabaddi League (NKL)

2017 saw the start of a brand new kabaddi league in England called the National Kabaddi League or NKL for short. The league consists of several university teams, including Imperial College London, London School of Economics (LSE), Kings College London, Birmingham University and Oxford University. There is also one non university team called Shakha, comprising of players outside of university.

Match day 1

The first set of matches was played on November 12th in London. There were 4 matches taking place, Imperial A v Kings, LSE v Imperial B, Kings v LSE and Birmingham v Shakha. LSE were in great form winning both of their matches, whilst Imperial A and Shakha won their matches also.

Unfortunately Oxford couldn't make this meeting but they will make up for it by playing more games in other match days.

Match day 2

The second set of matches was due to be played in December in Birmingham, however because of heavy snow across the UK the matches were cancelled and scheduled to be played across the other remaining match days.

Match day 3

This match day took place just over a week ago on the 27th of January in London. This time there were 6 matches taking place because of cancelled matches last month and because Oxford had not yet played a game yet.

The first match saw Imperial A win by a huge margin against Oxford University. The next game that took place was Shakha v Imperial B, I was playing for Shakha in this match and we won comfortably. Next up LSE also won their game against Oxford despite a strong showing by Oxford.

Imperial B put on a great show to beat Kings in the next match and after this Imperial A beat LSE in a heavyweight clash. The last match of the day saw Kings take on Oxford, and Kings won this match.

Match day 4 & 5

The next few games are due to be played on February 18th and 24th. I will hopefully cover them in more depth and give you more Kabaddi news from England.

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