Dream11 Fantasy Kabaddi Tips

Recently I ran a poll asking if people would like to see me give my fantasy picks for each ProKabaddi match and over half of you guys would like to see my picks given in the match previews. So look out at the bottom of each preview to see my fantasy picks!

But before I do this I just wanted to give a little bit of advice and some tips and tricks which may help you do well in fantasy. Good luck for the remaining fantasy matches and don’t hesitate to message me on Facebook or twitter for advice!

1. Pick players that play

  • It may sounds obvious but picking players that are not likely to play is a big no no! Players such as Anup Kumar, Pardeep Narwal, Manjeet Chhillar, Fazel Atrachali, Meraj Sheykh etc… are almost certain starters and it is very rare they will be dropped.
  • Make sure you analyse the previous lineups and identify which players appear the most which can give you an indication of which players are almost certain to start.
  • Also keeping up to date with injuries and team news is a great way to find out which players are likely to start and which are not.
  • Starting players automatically pick up 4 fantasy points and substitutes only pick up 2 fantasy points.

2. Raiders are OP

  • There’s a common saying amongst gamers that something can be overpowering/overpowered, OP for short. By raiders being OP I mean that it is more likely that raiders will score big points than the defenders.
  • Raiders pick up 4 fantasy points for a touch point and 2 fantasy points for a bonus point, whereas defenders pick up 5 fantasy points for a successful tackle. For those who watch/play Kabaddi they’ll know raiders pick up touch points much more frequently than defenders scoring tackle points which means raiders are more likely to score higher fantasy points than the defenders.
  • All rounders who are main raiders and defend as well are also great fantasy players, such as Meraj Sheykh and Sandeep Narwal.
  • The best way to take advantage of this is to pick raiders that raid a lot and also pick at least 3 raiders.

3. Players that pick themselves

  • There are some players that you simply cannot do without. Players such as Pardeep Narwal, Maninder Singh, Rohit Kumar, Nitin Tomar, Surender Nada and Manjeet Chhillar are sure starters and they all have a very high points per game ratio.
  • These players have a huge fantasy potential and by not picking them you run the risk of missing out on big points leaving you unable to beat your fellow opponents.

4. Spot the differential

  • A crucial element of playing fantasy is spotting the differential, the player that many opponents won’t pick but will score you big points.
  • Watching the games will give you a lot of information and you can spot players that are going out of form or players that are just coming into form.
  • Picking players that are about to hit form such as players returning from injury/rest can give your fantasy points tally a big boost over other opponents.

5. Selecting the right captain and vice captain

  • Another crucial element is picking the right captain and vice captain.
  • As I said earlier raiders tend to score much better than defenders so picking the captain and vice captain as raiders will tend to give you an advantage more often than not.
  • However it is also dependent on what type of game you are expecting, if it is a defensive low scoring game then only a few points will be scored and you might consider captaining one raider and one defender.

6. Other key points

  • Sometimes it is better to go for gut instinct than to over think too much, some luck is required to do well!
  • Be sure to keep up to date with statistics on the ProKabaddi website and look back on previous matches to see who’s been scoring well, picking in form players is key.
  • Look out for players playing in different roles, for example raider Anup Kumar playing in defense will hinder his fantasy points potential whereas defender Nitin Rawal raiding more often will boost his fantasy points potential.


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